"If you think that your belief is based upon reason, you will support it by argument, rather then by persecution, and will abandon it if the argument goes against you. But if your belief is based on faith, you will realize that argument is useless and will therefore result to force either in the form of persecution or by stunting and distorting the minds of the young in what is called education."
~Bertrand Russell

Doctor of Science 

  • Degree: Dr.rer.nat (Doctor of Science)
  • Dissertation: On Updates of Epistemic States —Belief Change under Incomplete Information

Evolution of Knowledge


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StatusLeadershipFeatureDesign (URL)
finished J.C.A. Guadarrama Iterated Updates Semantics description 
finished J.C.A. Guadarrama On Updates of Epistemic States —Belief Change under Incomplete Information PhD Dissertation 
finished M. Osorio modelling agents in logic Master's thesis 
finished J.C.A. Guadarrama KRR-lab KRR-lab webpage 
finished J.C.A. Guadarrama Update sequences of logic programs description 
held over J.C.A. Guadarrama Calendar agent  
in the process J.C.A. Guadarrama A Language for Beliefs and Knowledge Representation proposal 
starting up J.C.A.Guadarrama City Transport Scheduling Programme  
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