"I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong."
~B. Russell


A logic language based on Answer Sets is visualised to make an implicit difference between beliefs and knowledge, as well as a global view of its repercussion. This proposal has a basic part on belief revision that grants the agent a degree of autonomy in the sense of automatically redefining new specifications and even contradictions from its changing environment. On the other hand, formal interaction among other agents provides the potential to define a society aimed at the solution of a particular problem. As a result, this solution would generate knowledge from individual beliefs of specialised agents. Should a beliefs-knowledge generalisation be achieved in a language, an agent society shall be able to take over knowledge from a specific field, construct it and represent it by means of negotiating individual beliefs. It is about an area of great impact on human reasoning towards automatic process of heterogeneous and abundant information. [EPIA2003].